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    Black Rock Distillery invites you to taste 9 Rocks Vodka

    This excellent spirit is the result of triple distillation. Charcoal, micro filtration, and pure spring water culminating to produce a  superior neutral grain spirit; rich and smooth to the palate, and clean to the finish. No matter your preference 9 Rocks is delightful poured over ice, in mixers, or as a martini. We are confident you will recognize the quality of this stand alone spirit.


    What makes Nine Rocks Vodka different from other vodkas on the market?

    Our vodka has a very refined flavor; our money and time is primarily focused on the quality of the part of the product that is actually consumed. While marketing and promoting are important, of course, it's what's inside the bottle that counts. We want our customers to purchase our product not on the grounds of a "flashy bottle and fancy label," but because they heard about the quality of our vodka from someone they trust.